Art meets Precision
Daniele Capoferri, master ceramist, has been creating beautiful smiles since 1998 back in Switzerland. With steady hands and practiced eyes, Daniele has mastered the art and science of dental craftsmanship—drawing upon his Swiss training to deliver precise result, from a single central veneer to full-mouth restoration. The foundation of Daniele method is the customized-precision craftsmanship that cannot be replicated by modern mass-production methods. Just as every patient’s smile is unique, every crown, veneer and restoration Daniele creates is also unique.

Precision and quality you can trust:

More than 14 years of experience—over 100 successful clinical cases
Swiss–born, educated and trained under the best master of Europe
Acknowledged expert—teaches / published / lectures—to dental professionals
Custom shading and crafting—not mass produced or manufactured
Highest quality materials and products are selected, tested and used
Absolutely no outsourcing / subcontracting—all handmade in the USA
Precise attention to every nuance of the tooth—color, contour, luster, texture

Trusting your dental cases to Daniele Capoferri is good business. Daniele’s work makes for satisfied patients, and that means repeat business and referrals. His work also reduces chair time and frustration, by doing things right the first time—greatly reducing repeat appointments due to remake or shading adjustments. Daniele’s passion for perfection creates positive experiences for both dental professionals and their patients—which leads to greater trust and respect. Satisfied patients are the lifeblood of every successful practice. Trust your reputation with Daniele Capoferri—he delivers peace of mind, predictable results, and esthetically beautiful smiles for your patients—every time.