About Daniele Capoferri and Swiss Dental Art

Silicon Valley’s Premier Dental Restoration Artist

Wondering what makes Silicon Valley’s most selective residents insist on Daniele Capoferri’s veneers, bridges, and crowns?

A born artist with an innate understanding of color, shape, balance, and slope, Daniele is proud to help his clients achieve those sparkling smiles once available only to celebrities. After 24 years of practice, he’s seen thousands of times how exquisite teeth can transform a client’s appearance and amplify their confidence. He loves seeing a happy patient smile or even cry on seeing their restored smile. Often they have been without it for years. Everyone deserves an exquisite smile.

When the area’s most distinguished dentists know a patient needs perfection, they trust Daniele. They recognize him as a world-class master dental ceramist and have seen first-hand how every one of his ceramic restorations and full-mouth rehabilitations is both unique and brilliant, but perfectly natural-looking as well.

To achieve this level of excellence, Daniele insists on meeting every client in person either at their dentist’s office or in his dental lab. Swiss Dental Arts insists on this step.

Daniele knows the in-person consultation is critical to appreciating each individual’s coloring and facial balance. After all, achieving that ear-to-ear, perfect smile requires more artistry than what’s provided in two-dimensional photos and cold measurements.


Scuola Professionale Artigianale Industriale in Trevano, Switzerland—the Harvard of dental restoration art. 1996 - 1998

Oral Design Member since 2008 -     

Kois Center - Functional Occlusion 1, April 2017

OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry - Level II - Bioesthetic Diagnosis, August 2016


Daniele’s dedication to constant improvement keeps him actively researching. He lectures both in the United States and abroad, and frequently serves as an expert source for dental journals.

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  • “The Layering Technique for Implant Supported Ceramic Metal Crowns in the Esthetic Zone.” Straumann Conference
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  • “Roundtable Seminars Study Group” with Dr. Richard Kinsel - University of California San Francisco
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