Build Your Reputation When You Partner with a Top Dental Restoration Artist

Elite Silicon Valley Dentists Give Patients a Choice

Demanding patients can be tough on dentists. When an outcome doesn’t match patient vision, costly revisions and stress can follow. Dentists need to keep patient satisfaction rates high, but costs and time investment reasonable at the same time.

Many dentists do not realize that they can make a respectable profit AND dazzle patients when they recommend a custom dental restoration artist. When offered the choice to get crowns, veneers, and bridges handcrafted by Daniele Capoferri, patients appreciate:

Their exquisite results -  In 21 years creating handcrafted, custom veneers, crowns, and bridges. To ensure quality, Daniele executes every step himself from the first in-person consultation and photography to the delivery of the prosthetic. He does not use any hired technicians. A perfectionist, he checks each step meticulously until he’s confident it’s executed correctly.

The patient / dentist / dental restoration artist in-person meeting -  While you may be used to sending off digital measurements and photos to a lab, patients can feel some uncertainty about their lack of involvement in the crafting of their smile. With two professionals discussing their opportunities and sharing ideas with them, patients feel more confident in your decisions and their outcome.

For patient convenience, Daniele meets with you and the patient at your office with his tools.

The attention - Daniele’s careful examination and questions as well as his use of a high-definition camera convince patients they will get a premium, fully-customized product. This goodwill flows to the dentist, too.

The freedom to explore their options - Dentists can overlook that even those with modest budgets will pay anything to achieve beautiful facial harmonies. In our office, we joke that some will sell a kidney to look their best! Daniele’s work has been so effective that clients have even canceled planned lip injections, and other cosmetic procedures. They’re happy to save the money!

A quality restoration that doesn’t need revision -  Re-dos are all too common, and you should never be involved in them. For a product that lasts 15 to 20 years, dentists can emphasize the investment aspect of using an elite dental restoration artist that creates a dazzling smile correctly the first time.

Together, you and Daniele Capoferri deliver optimal results for patients.

“I enjoy working with Daniele for the pas 20 years.” - Dr. Richard Kinsel, San Mateo

Years serving silicon valley dentists and patients

Our Professionalism Means Your Peace of Mind

Share Outcome Responsibility with a Dedicated Partner

Between oral disease, mouth reconstruction issues, and cosmetic procedures, dentists don’t have time to keep up with the advances in prosthetic techniques and materials.

But you can impress your most particular patients when you recommend Silicon Valley’s premier dental lab.

Share with your patients that Daniele Capoferri’s unique, customized approach to precision dental prosthetic design has won him recognition in the United States and abroad.

He has lectured to:

  • University of California San Francisco’s School of Dentistry
  • Dental Lab Owners Association of California
  • Dental Conferences sponsored by Straumann and Dentsply
    • Lectured in Japan, Germany, and USA
  • Dentist’s Study Club in California and Florida
  • Speech in Chicago, Illinois

He has published influential articles in:

  • PubMed
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • Semantic Scholar

Initially trained at Switzerland’s Scuola Professionale Artigianale Industriale, Daniele Capoferri keeps his skills sharp via courses at institutions like The Kois Center and the Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry. He is a member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), and in 2008 was selected to join the 85 members of the exclusive Oral Design Foundation.

“I enjoy working with Daniele for the pas 20 years.”
-  Dr. Richard Kinsel, San Mateo

Never Worry About Quality or Delays Again

With every prosthetic crafted by Daniele Capoferri, quality is always superlative. As with your practice, Swiss Dental Art’s reputation depends on every patient’s outcome.

Freedom to Focus on Your Core Services

Experienced dentists can maximize their profits when they send out tasks that are not their specialties. Swiss Dental Art supports dentists with:

  • Treatment Planning
  • Sophisticated Impression-Taking Techniques
  • Preparation Techniques
  • Precision Shade Determination
  • Restoration Consultation
  • Material Consultation

Unlike every other dental lab, Swiss Dental Art takes responsibility for outcomes of all the above services. The dentist is not responsible for any revision. With thousands of restoration cases successfully resolved, Daniele has seen every kind of restoration, as well as clients of all races, ages, and personalities. His refined sense of which material and technique will work on each individual means the ultimate in patient satisfaction.

Value Patients Recognize

Patients derive incredible confidence and satisfaction in their appearance with Swiss Dental Art custom veneers, crowns, and bridges. The value is immeasurable. Daniele’s expertise always makes them happy they chose the premium service.

Swiss Dental Art prices are transparent and never vary from the initial amount. Many dental production labs rely on additional services and add-ons communicated after the quote to pad their profits. In the end, these prices can even surpass the charges involved in Swiss Dental Arts’ fully custom approach.

Ready to partner with a dental lab as dedicated to quality as you are? Get a list of dentists who will share their experiences with Swiss Dental Art or call with your questions. We love tackling unique challenges!