Working with Daniele

If you’ve decided to take a proactive role in designing your exquisite smile, you’re probably curious about how you’ll work with Silicon Valley dental restoration artist Daniele Capoferri and your dentist.

First, despite his extensive experience with celebrities, top executives, and business owners, Daniele wants to bring custom handcrafted veneers, crowns, and bridges to people from all walks of life. After all, your investment will stretch 15 to 20 years. It better be right the first time. Daniele’s genuine, warm demeanor will put you at ease right away.

Even if you’ve heard veneers, crowns and bridges won’t work for you, rest assured that a prosthetic artist with 24 years of experience can customize prosthetics for nearly any situation.

Too often, a dentist will tell you that for the best match, you need replacement of the four front top or bottom teeth and it will cost you far more than replacing just one tooth.

A one-tooth replacement is eminently possible when you trust a prosthetic expert. Daniele draws from 50 shades of white, applies different colors layer by layer to achieve not only your exact color, but the exact translucence of your natural teeth.

To ensure quality, he executes every step himself from the first in-person consultation and photography to the delivery of your prosthetic. He does not use hired technicians.

What to Expect When Getting Veneers and other Dental Prosthetics

When discussing veneers, bridges, and crowns with your dentist, he or she may explain their in-house lab or a dental lab they use.

They’ll tell you they take measurements digitally and send them to the lab for the tooth to be manufactured. Our page on the difference between hand-crafted custom and digital and machine-manufactured veneers helps you understand why custom hand-crafted prosthetics deliver the best results.

1) When your dentist brings up an in-house or other dental lab, it’s your cue to say:

  • “I actually have a dental restoration lab in mind.”
  • “Do you have many patients going the custom handcrafted veneer / bridge / crown route? I know of an excellent prosthetic artist.”
  • “I’ve been reading about custom dental restoration artists, and I’d like to explore that option.”
  • “Have you worked with a custom dental restoration artist? I have one in mind.”
  • “Thank you but I think I’m going to go the custom handcrafted veneer / bridge / crown route? I can introduce you to Daniele and we can meet right here.”

Most dentists are happy to have an invested, proactive patient. Patients who engage in their treatment plans take more responsibility and are actually more interesting for the dentist to talk to. This is a big investment, and you should have the freedom to make this important decision.

Often, your dentist will come back with, “Sure! I know Daniele. He’s amazing!”

2) With this introduction taken care of, the dentist’s scheduler will set up a meeting with the dentist, Daniele, and you.


If you are more comfortable, you can visit Daniele at his lab yourself.

Daniele conducts two types of appointments:

  • Complex Case - Daniele meets with you and your dentist at the dentist’s office. The three of you devise a treatment plan.
  • Color Analysis - Daniele meets with you and your dentist and the dentist’s office or at Swiss Dental Artistry lab.

Daniele takes photos with a high-definition camera that delivers many more dimensions than what can be derived from digital cameras and measurements.

Daniele examines your teeth, face shape and coloring and may even get an idea of your personality. He discusses your goals, what you like and don’t like. The three of you may go over photos from Daniele’s or the dentist’s albums. You are welcome to bring your own photos of celebrities or others.

3) With the appointment complete, Daniele goes to work in his lab. He hand delivers the prosthetics to the dentist’s office. The dentist carries out the fitting.

With your new smile beaming, you probably will not see Daniele for another 15 to 20 years.