Hand Crafted for
Your Unique Smile

Ask your dentist to collaborate with
MR DANIELE CAPOFERRI – Dental Restoration Artist

You Want to Spend the Next 15 to 20 Years with a Smile that Enhances Your Confidence, Career, and Relationships​

Your dentist may tell you your dental prosthetics will turn out fine with his in-house service or trusted manufacturer.

How can you be sure?

10 years ago, one dedicated technician created a dental prosthetic from start to finish. Then, digital measurement and machined dental restoration technology took over. Today, the technician applies only the final stain.

Too often, these results disappoint.

Mass production has led to opaque, unnatural-looking teeth, color mismatches, broken veneers and crowns, not to mention the wasted money and time.

When Only Fully Custom, Individually Handcrafted Veneers, Bridges and Crowns Will Do

You’ve seen them: smiles so brilliant, they brighten the entire face.  You’ve wondered: what makes them so magic?

-A dedicated dental restoration artist that has been creating  beautiful facial harmonies for 20 years

-A professional who focuses on your dental prosthetic from first in-personal consultation through every step to delivery

-An in-person consultation to best capture patient, coloring, facial shape and personality using a high-definition camera and more precision tools


Your Appearance is Your Priority. Know Your Options.

Too often, dentists choose a production lab over a custom dental restoration artist.

You can let your dentist know you want premium quality, custom veneers, crowns, or bridges.

They should be happy to accommodate you.

Insist on Fully Custom Design

It takes all kinds. And it takes Swiss Dental Arts precision artistry to design for your unique appearance, personality, role in society, and goals.

When you choose a custom dental restoration artist over digital measurements sent to a manufacturer, you get original artwork rather than mass production. You get the dental prosthetic world’s Michaelangelo rather than milling unit #3784.


Meet Daniele Capoferri, Silicon Valley’s Premier Dental Restoration Artist

Dental Restoration Artist

With 24 years experience creating beautiful facial harmonies with prosthetic veneers, crowns and bridges, Daniele has become Silicon Valley’s most trusted custom dental restoration artist.

Daniele’s consistent work and frequent academic lectures won him a spot in the prestigious the Oral Design Foundation, an international, invitation-only organization that selects only those professionals who have demonstrated exceptional skill and devotion to dental aesthetics.

Clients Just Like You Say . . .

"I was devastated when I knocked my teeth out in a car accident. I never thought fake teeth could look so natural and attractive. Today, no one knows which teeth are my own and which are prosthetics.”
Robert Kriebel
Silicon Valley
"I asked for Hollywood white teeth and I got even better. Daniele worked with me patiently so I wouldn’t go overboard. Now I smile whenever I can and I see people respond so positively to me. I’m so glad I insisted on using Daniele!”
Beverly Lieberum
Redwood City, CA
“Having a custom dental restoration artist in the consultation with my dentist helped me get exactly what I wanted. My dentist appreciated that I went the extra mile and found Daniele. I think it took some pressure off him! In my case, three heads were better than one.”
Jen Gonzaga
Silicon Valley